While an uncommon sight on Illuria, and rare in other locations like Mandrake, they are more common on Evermist and the asteroid cities of the Centauri Belt. Tieflings are humans whose ancestry is mixed with an outer planar creature or being. This is known as ‘planartouched’.

A tiefling’s planartouched lineage is most apparent in their appearance. All tieflings have a small set of horns growing out of their head in a variety of patterns ( curled like a ram, short like a goat, etc ), small fangs, and a tail that often ends in a spade-like point. Their skin tone varies as much as a human, but always has a brick red or indigo undertone. Some rare tieflings even have an eye color that strays into the elven hues.

Racial Moves
( When playing a Tiefling, these moves are available to you)

Planartouched Resistance
Thanks to your unusual ancestry you are resistant to certain types of elements, such as intense cold, heat or electricity. Take a +1 forward when dealing with cold, fire or electricity.

Dimension Step
You can teleport to any location you can see in a burst of brimstone smoke, fire and a short pop of noise in the air. When you take someone or something ( your gear does not count ) with you, it becomes harder.

In those situations, take a -1 forward for every additional person or item beyond one that you can touch and roll.

On a 10+: You arrive with your passengers as expected.
On a 7-9: You arrive but suffer a minor condition of fatigued until you have time to take a rest.


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