Tesseract Drive

A combination of magic, mathematics, and science, a tesseract drive was a device used to allow near instantaneous travel between worlds and planes of existence.

The device looks like like a glass or mirrored cube three foot on a side, held in a metal frame. The frame is often made of polished steel. If touched, a person’s hand will submerge into the glass like water. To the person touching the cube, it will feel cold and the liquid thick. But their hand will be dry when they pull it free.

Objects placed inside the cube will be held frozen in time. They will not age or decay. They will be good as new once removed. But, objects in the cube must be removed along a similar path based on how they entered. For example, if a gemstone is put into the cube, it cannot be removed through any other side except the side it entered through.

Any living creature placed inside will be submerged in the magics of the cube. To them, they will feel like they are underwater, yet not drowning. They can ‘swim’ to the surface and leave the cube, to find that they have lost twice the amount of time than they felt they were inside the tesseract drive.

The true power of the tesseract drive comes when power, such as from a generator or a spell, is applied to it. During the days before the Final War, vessels would use a powered tesseract to jump the gulf between worlds and even stars.

To do this, a ship’s navigator would calculate the coordinates that match the path to the final destination. Power would then be applied to the tesseract cube. Once powered the ship would be attached to the cube – called tethering – allowing the energies of the cube to surround the vessel. Then the pilot would fly the ship through the magical vortex of energy to the destination. These trips would only take a few seconds. After the ship reached its destination, the tesseract would be untethered and the ship continues under its own power.

During the chaos of the Final War, most – if not all – tesseract drives were thought to be lost, as was the means to create them. Rumors persist of a drive being found, then lost again, or notes with part of the equations necessary to recreate the magnificent device.

Tesseract Drive

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