Masters of Illuria

The Floating Catacombs of the Cyphermonks, part 4

Brave and the Bold

After being separated Aonaran, Rick and Kalas travel across their current locales. Aonaran to help the locals with their dire situation. Rick and Kalas to find Aonaran. But overall to find a way to stop the plans of the mysterious figure called ‘the Jailer’ and what may be his plans to bring back the Dark Horde.

On Evermist, Rick and Kalas were being escorted to Corvisheim at gunpoint by a young Nighthunter named Coris Oaken. This was to have the men examined by a local surgeon to see just what they were, as she suspected they might be ‘Grendels’. But their help against a swarm of undead creatures helped Convince Coris that they might be telling the truth. Willing to take a chance, she goes with them back to the Tannisheim ruins in hopes to track down a way off Evermist. They find one that is active. It is also unstable.

Meanwhile on Astrid station, Aonaran is shown the rector and power building. A large collection of reactors and solar panel energy collectors it provides energy for the entire station. It takes Aonaran no time to discern why the reactors are failing. Runes acting as spell reflectors for the reactor energy have been damaged from waves of energy coming from outside the station. While inspecting the reactor, Captain Quinn makes an abrupt appearance. Avoiding a fight, Aonaran corners the captain on what is going on.

She learns from Quinn of strange experiments being performed by a Credon Amon on Torpid Station. These experiments have caused deadly results. Such as killing the inhabitants of Astrid station. When they died the first time, Keljin Maris – a swanmae cleric of the green watcher – admits she tried to raise them. But the spell did not work right, causing the inhabitants to be brought back as undead. Only they are not aware of it. Keljin works daily to fully raise them but with no success.

Back on Evermist, Rick, Kalas, and Coris set to work trying to stabilize the gate. They don’t stabilize the gate but do manage to open a connection to Astrid station! As luck would have it, that also attracted a giant bone golem comprised of thousands of skeletons. The monstrosity attacks while Aonaran tries to talk the group through a possible means to fix the gate. At the same time, she asks if they could track down a ‘friendly’ necromancer.

As luck would have it, Rick, Kalas and Coris stumble across one. In the midst of the battle, one Baron Kriskill Joyous von Guinburg steps in to help dismantle the giant Killmare. He wasn’t willing to help at first but eventually Rick and Kalas win the Baron over to their cause.

Working together, they engineer a means to open the gate from the Evermist side. Then, despite almost hurling themselves into the void, they traveled through the gate to Astrid Station. Once there, introductions are made and the problem laid out. Now, the groups plans on what they are to do about Credon Amon and potential experiments on Tesseract gate in orbit near Torpid Station.

Meanwhile, Aonaran greets Baron Kriskill Joyous von Guinburg, the man – according to prophecy – will murder her.


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