Masters of Illuria

The Floating Catacombs of the Cyphermonks, part 3

Fate and Destiny

While freeing the cyphermonks from possession, Aonaran discovered the trap was powered by a long lost Tesseract Drive! Accidentally activating it, Aonaran found herself transported to Asterid Station, one of the colonies in the Centauri Belt.

She was met by Marshall James Hardin, Cleric Keljin Maris and the Engineer mage Titus Perkins. Surprised, but happy to meet her, they enlist her aid to help them with an emergency: to save their dying sun … or in other words, their primary reactor core. But before she can discover too much, Aonaran finds herself caught up in the middle of a pirate attack!

On helping to drive the pirates off, she discovers she was not alone in being transported from the cyphermonk temple. A metal jack golem, still wearing its dwarven runic armor, survived the trip to protect her from debris that would have crushed her. In addition, she learns that Keljin is one of the legendary swanmay … one of the people Aonaran claims to be!

Meanwhile, Rick and Kalas followed Aonaran but arrived on Evermist after a trip across Illuria’s red moon of Morid, then to the mage enclave orbiting the far world of Mandrake. There, they survived an attack by a cadre of undead horrors from skeletons to fifteen foot tall flesh golems, only to wind up captured by the Nighthunter Coris Oaken.

Coris, not sure of Rick and Kalas are ‘Grendels’, the locals term for twisted, rabid monstrous creatures, marches them south from the Tannisheim ruins towards Corvisheim to be examined by a surgeon.


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