Masters of Illuria

The Floating Catacombs of the Cyphermonks, part 2

Journey of a Thousand Worlds ...

As Rick remained in Boughedge to recover from his fight with Gemini Zhan, Aonaran and Kalas headed north to the Temple of the Inner Oracle to free the cyphermonks.

They make sure they have the key to the back entrance and follow the directions to the door. But instead of a door, they find a cliff face. Feeling that time was of the essence, they scale the cliff to the temple grounds above. The watchtowers were empty and nothing moved outside.

Slipping in through a window, Aonaran locates a guard – a metal jack – wearing the same rune armor being crafted by the Ironshod dwarves! Quickly using enspelling the guard with a song, he leads her and Kalas into the heart of the chamber. There they found more guards and the monks trapped and forced to magically create parts in an assembly line fashion.

Aonaran and Kalas race by the guards and hide among the trapped monks. They discover each monk is wearing a circlet with a specific color gemstone. A gemstone whose mate is in a glass-like enchanted cube in the middle of the room. After a moment’s thought, they set about freeing the monks from the trap. One by one, they disable each circlet by removing a corresponding stone from the cube. Until Aonaran removes a red and blue stone at the same time.

The two stones shatter on the marble floor and Aonaran vanishes along with the three metal jacks in the temple room. Only to appear a second later in a strange metal arena that is covered in a chalk-like dust. There she is eventually met by three people who welcome her to someplace called Astrid Station. A place that Aonaran suspects may not be anywhere on Illuria!


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