Masters of Illuria

Secret of the ARPA Ruins, Part 2

Divide and Conquer


Aonara, Rick and Kalas entered the ruins and learned the glow was due to the dwarven team from the Ironshod Mercenaries. Durgin Mars had been sent with a small group to complete a construction contract for a client. Part of this involved specialized enchantments. They needed powerful magic of a type that had only been found in and around the gate Aonara sealed some time before.

Aonara met with Durgin and discussed what they could. Durgin could not reveal the identity of his employer or the nature of the contract. But when offered a better, more efficient way to charge their constructions, Durgin agreed. But that was when Aonara learned that the dwarves, a people renowned for their record keeping, had lost the knowledge of how to safely tap a ley line for magical energy. Horrified, Aonara set to work, offering to instruct Durgin and any apprentice of his choosing to re-learn this lost knowledge.

Meanwhile, Rick – as any Rust Harvester would – searched the ruins for any parts, items or components that they could use in their efforts to free the kidnapped cyphermonks from their temple outside the ruins of Threshold. Most of his searching uncovered a small supply of the rare Old World cerametal alloy, it also uncovered a forgotten experiment and weathered tracks of a Titan that had attacked the ARPA ruins.

The Titan, a two story tall walking tank, had rampaged through the location, and roamed further into the Trollwood. What tracks remained after five hundred years suggested it traveled north to the Ice Needle Spires mountains.

As for the forgotten experiment, it had been created by the famous inventor, Dr. Peter DuMosque. Notes suggested it had been used against the Dark Horde and the KILLJOY at the end of the Final War as a means to bypass the magical wards defending the KILLJOY. Once used, the device had not been turned on again.

Leaving the experiment to be studied later, Rick set out after the Titan in hopes that the device – or some part – could be salvaged.


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