Money and Currency

In ages past, there have been many different types of “coins of the realm”. Some were metal, others fashioned from a coin and gemstones, other times it was paper notes. Most recently in the Old World, it was digital currency.

The Apocalypse changed that. At first, barter was the predominant means of currency, this was soon replaced by gemstones. Several centuries later, this has continued to hold true, with gemstones being the main “coin of the realms”. But, in many places, barter of goods or services in place of gemstones is acceptable.

The “denominations” are:

Quartz – the base unit of currency. Most, if not all, goods and services are priced based on quartz.

Rose Quartz – the next highest up. One rose quartz is worth 10 quartz

Sapphire – A sapphire is considered the equivalent of 100 quartz

Emeralds – More uncommon than sapphires, one emerald is worth 500 quartz

Diamonds – Being rare, a diamond is worth 1000 quartz

Money and Currency

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