Living Relic

In short, you didn’t die. You may have suffered a fatal wound that would have killed someone else, or at some point you stopped aging when others around you did not. The end result is the same, you can’t make it to the Other Side. Either through means of magic, science or the intervention of the Universe, you lived well beyond your normal lifespan and might continue to do so.

Person out of Time: That means you are different from the people of the current place and time you find yourself in. You think differently, and view the world with a set of values that may no longer exist. They may even be a code or a set of values no one remembers anymore. This can make it difficult for you to relate to situations, people or places.
Whenever you attempt to mend or create a Bond by trying to Fit In, roll 3d6 instead of 2d6 and discard the highest die result.

Bouncing Back: Whenever you head straight into danger without hedging your bets and end up having to make the Last Chance move as a result, roll 3d6 instead of 2d6 and discard the lowest die result. On a 10+, you are revived with no ill effects. On a 7-9, you revive with one minor condition. On a 6 or less, you revive with two minor conditions.

Weight of the World: Whenever you use knowledge gained from your abnormally long lifespan to influence someone who is not familiar with you, roll+Influence. On a 10+, Hold 2. On a 7-9, Hold 1. Spend 1 Hold to:

  • Use your words or presence to make someone hesitate and listen.
  • Unite a group in a common action.


The Adversary: Are the threats you guard against living (or undead) beings? Do they have shape and form? Can they be killed? Do they have an avatar? How powerful are they?

The Hunter: Is there a specific person or organization hunting you? Why do they hunt you? Are they reasonable? Do they work for themselves or have they been hired by someone else? Who are they? How powerful are they? What do they know about you?

Living Relic

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