Elderly (looking!) sorceress from a forgotten era, lived as a hermit for a century or two


Codename: Aonaran
+1 Achievement Point

Maneuver +0
Investigate +2
Protect +1
Influence +1
Smash -1

Working towards:

Origin: Living Relic
Nemesis: The Adversaries – EIC’s pick from 1) fae-hunters; 2) collectors of devastating ancient lore; 3) Immortals collecting heads

MinorCould be dangerous if ignored

  • _

ModerateTake a -1 if I do anything involving this

  • _

CriticalTake a -1 to everything (Maximum -4)

  • _

Power Profile

  • Soothing and healing songspells
  • block 1 incoming energy beam with the Missile Parry spell
  • small shield for herself only (see notes!)
  • basic elemental control


  • Item enchantment
  • flight spells (out of practice)
  • dome shield that will cover three people, five if they’re VERY closely packed (see notes!)


  • deconstruct enchantment
  • dome shield that will cover a crowd or a whole campsite (see notes!)


  • shield spells that hold up a long time, or that are not centered on me; shield spells that protect a small town (see notes!)


  • affect living plants
  • shield spell that protects anything bigger than a town

Bonds (threshold 6)
Elven settlement Ethana (1) – burned 10/29/2016
Vibarra is the Elemental Lord of Stone among the djinn (1)
Nazana is the Elemental Lady of Air among the djinn – burned 11/12/2017 to stop an evil immortal shapeshifter named Quanor al-Fayed
Queen Chikere of the Kingdom of Serawen earned her right to the throne using an enchanted artifact that she got after serving l’Aonaran for a year and a day.

Hero Profile: Elderly (looking!) sorceress from a forgotten era, lived as a hermit for a century or two … UNTIL NOW! She casts many of her spells through song, enchants unusual magic items, and aids others who are willing to trade service for a year and a day.

Team Profile:

Ancient spell techniques

Neither familiar nor comfortable with modern society/technology/magic
Most of her spellcasting requires she be able to sing.
She looks like an easy target for The Game, and if another “Immortal”/“Survivor” shows up to challenge her to a fight, she would rather avoid their challenge.
Extremely hard to form lasting relationships.

Advantages: see Origin Book

  • Anti-Scrying Enchantment in Cloak
  • Immortality / “Survivor” / “Lost One” / whatever they are calling it these days.

Psychological Profile:

  • Reconcile My Past
  • Drive 2

Graeme Skaldfell is a human woman, five feet ten inches tall, approximately eleven stone (one hundred fifty pounds) in weight. It’s a little hard to tell, since she never seems to attend fancy dress events, and is therefore always bundled into at least three layers of clothing. In appearance, she matches the age of an older craftswoman just around time to leave the active work to the current generation of young adults; she has blue eyes, and grey-streaked auburn hair which she generally wears in a bun.
Ethnically, she would once have been recognized as descended from Illuria’s equivalent of Norse lands such as Denmark: her people tended toward blue eyes, red or blond hair that darkened with age, pale or ruddy skin, and somewhat beaklike noses or longish faces.
Her voice is not very strong: she speaks softly, grows softer on those rare occasions where she’s involved in a major argument, concentrates when she wants her singing to carry more than four yards away, and is really not the person one should rely upon to raise a warning in a crowded or noisy venue. When she is heard, she still has vestiges of a quaint accent; she usually reminds a casual acquaintance of a half-forgotten great-aunt or a member of a grandmother’s knitting circle.
Regardless of her current clothes – always based on something a generation or two old – she owns a sturdy wool cloak with hood, made by her, that has an inner lining of some kind of bird-like hide. Feathers are still attached thickly to the leather, as they would have been on the bird or whatever. There is a piece notably missing from one edge of the hide.

Graeme (originally pronounced “GRAH mee ah” and usually mispronounced “graymm”) was married to an engineer named Donnchadh (pronounced “DUNN ah kah”). They had a young adult daughter named Tyra (pronounced “TAI ehhh ruh”). All three of them died when pirates raided the village of Skaldfell and killed everyone.
Graeme has believed for over a thousand years that she woke back up because of a deal her mother made with faerie: that Graeme will repay a family debt someday. She will die in place of one of the last living swanmae, killed by a mortal who hunts their skins for power objects.
When she met other Immortals, Graeme spent a lot of time very confused!
She is not an ambitious woman. Like a swan with its mate, she loved one man in life, and loves him still. She is not in an active hurry to meet her fate, but after the first five hundred years, she started wondering where this destiny may be.

Spell List: Some of these spells were learned in the 2nd, 3rd, or 5th Ages. They may not work now at all, and if they do, they may well have been altered in order to keep up with the changing laws of physics.
Analyze Magic
Conceal Magic
Continual Light
Deflect Missile
Detect Magic
Hawk Flight
Hawk Vision
Identify Spell
Ignite Fire
Keen Vision
Lend Energy
Lend Vitality
Magic Resistance
Minor Healing
Night Vision
Remove Enchantment
Seek Earth
Seek Water
Sense Emotion
Sense Foes
Sense Observation
Share Vitality
Shield Dome/Sphere
Spell Shield

Notes on spells:

  • Shield – Graeme has to focus most of her power on maintaining this spell. She can walk, but not very fast. She cannot cast other spells. She cannot participate in a conversation because she is busy singing. Every blow to the shield costs her energy, and a hard enough blow – or a long enough series of attacks – or trying to maintain a shield over something bigger than a building – will use up enough life force that she will “die” for a short while.

Question to EIC:

Graeme first died before the shattered lands shattered. She was still within a normal human lifespan when the Emperor died and the Shattered Lands came into being. That was what age of Illuria?

How long (roughly) was each Age since then? How long as she been alive? If it has been 800+ years since the final death of Killjoy, she’s got to be nearing another millenium anniversary.

Answers! ( hopefully ) :

Each age is roughly 1000 years, give or take. So while, geologically speaking, Illuria is naturally older than 8800 years as planets go, the recorded calendar only goes back 8800 years.

Now, Graeme first died in the 2nd Age of Illuria ( 2000 years give or take by recorded history scribes ). So, she would be roughly 6000-ish years old (really, she wears it well). Which gives her every reason to be a little bit tired of this “immortal” thing, and may have a few choice words to whomever cooked that idea up in the first place!

Does that help?



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