Masters of Illuria


After capturing the synthroid bounty hunter, Kalas, he delivered a dire warning: The Jailer was done with Aonara and Rick’s interference, and would enact retribution starting with the town of Ethana.

With the speed of a master craftsman, Rick re-coded the tech-golems and released them to hunt their creator. But that left little time to contact the Marshal’s Guild to collect Kalas. Taking the synthroid along, Rick and Aonara hurry to Ethana as fast as wagon and cungha lizard could move.

They arrive to find the town in ruins. Idris Griderstalk, the town druid, greets them as they arrive. From her they learn many townsfolk are wounded, several people are missing. Including the marshal, Elias Evenstar. Idris describes horrific creatures with red scaly skin. They were directed by a large human in Old World armor. Armor bearing the symbol of the Dark Horde.

But before she can describe more, the air tears open with a green flash of energy in the town square! Through the dome of energy, twisted creates with red scaly skin and black claws leap through and attack!


Banzai_Aether Banzai_Aether

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