Masters of Illuria

The Lost Hunt


A monstrous creature attacking the elven settlement of Ethana turns out to be one of the members of a lost hunting party from seven years ago!

With help of the rescued hunter, Graeme must track down this ancient gate the hunting party found and seal off whatever dangers are escaping into Illuria!


In the end, Aonaran – also known as Graeme – found tracked down the gate. It was located in the Old World ruins of an Advanced Research Projects Agency base that had been studying he ancient structure.

Beyond the gate, Aonaran found the lost elves, they were prisoners in an extra-dimensional prison, along with the four great Elemental Royals. Once freeing them, Aonaran sealed the gate, cutting it off to the rest of Illuria.

Of the prison’s jailer? There was no sign, as he – or she – was not there.

The Lost Hunt
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