Masters of Illuria

Secret of the ARPA Ruins


The Battle for Ethana was over and the mana drain devices dismantled. But no one was willing to celebrate yet. Ethana was still decimated. Gathering anyone able enough, Idris Griderstalk began the hard task of planning how to rebuild the town. This time Ethana would be better able to defend against threats that might return.

Rick, Aonara and Kalas leave the circuit components with the cyphermonks Tomas and Alarin, the rest of the device components they salvage for themselves. To combat the threat of the jailer, the trio plans to free the cyphermonks from their temple.

Before they try, they head for the ARPA ruins north of the Old Highland Road. The same ruins where Aonara sealed the ancient gate to the Dark Horde prison. They hope to salvage some technology from the old military ruins. How much use they will get from five-hundred-year-old technology remains to be seen. Aonara knows the ARPA ruins had been set up to study the gate and devise means to combat the Dark Horde. That research may still be there.

But as they travel close to the ruins, they realize that the ARPA location might have new owners. Tendrils of smoke curl up from the thick canopy of the northern Trollway forest during the day. At night, a purple-green aura hovers above the trees. In the distance, there is the sound of forgefires working non-stop.


The Forgemaster of this crafting expedition is Durgan

Secret of the ARPA Ruins

HOW is it, in this age, that people have LOST the knowledge of how to safely tap into a ley line?!?

Secret of the ARPA Ruins

This underground table is in Gpir Pureai. It is an experimental device, final prototype, that should allow them by modifying the transportation/ communication devices between ground and orbital ships to bypass security on the gate and transport in behind Dark Horde secure installations.

Secret of the ARPA Ruins

The Head Researcher was a Dr. Peter DuMosque. He felt that his team had run out of time to test this device if they were going to defeat the Dark Master of the Horde. The last usage log says that this device was used just before the climactic final battle against The KILLJOY, five hundred years ago; this device then shut itself down, and has not been used again since.

Secret of the ARPA Ruins
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