Masters of Illuria

Hounds of the Huntmaster


Two weeks later, after the incident at the Elemental Gate and the ARPA Ruins, a strange light shot across the evening sky. It plowed through the clouds, turning them a green-purple hue, before vanishing beyond the trees with a dull rumble of thunder.

Explorers, adventurers, bounty hunters, and more have set out on occasional expeditions looking for the ‘Star Fall’ as its been called. Some returned with strange tales of glowing lights, ghosts, and other mind-bending sights. In other cases, the expedition did not return at all.

But, along the Old Highland Road and Blackstone Road trade route, rumors have been circulating. Caravans have been greeted by mysterious travelers who join them for a time, only to leave in the middle of nowhere and vanish. Large packs of Old World Sentry Hounds have become common. And in the village of Boughedge, people have started vanishing without a trace.

Marshal Elias Evenstar has been sent by the Council of Peers in Shildamere City to round up able-bodied help to look into the last rumor, as Boughedge is along the trading route between Tavil, Ethana and Shildamere City.


On hearing the rumors, Aonaran headed north to investigate the stories of people vanishing. There she met Richard Henry Van Helsing – known as Rick – who had been hired by the Marshals Guild to assist with the same problem.

Together, they found that the missing people had been kidnapped by a reptilian-like creature and its ‘master’ who was later learned to be ‘The Huntmaster’. While the Huntmaster never admitted to it, on the flak vest armor he wore, was the emblem of the Dark Horde.

The prisoners were released, and the Huntmaster – along with a Hunter Hound – were defeated and turned over to the Marshals Guild.

In addition, the pair made the first peaceful contact with a pack of Sentry Hounds that had been harassing trade caravans. They negotiated a truce, and assisted a group in recovering their lost members.

Hounds of the Huntmaster
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