Masters of Illuria

Double Trouble


In the three weeks since Boughedge, stories have filtered down the Old Highland Road trade route of strange events far to the west. All the talk is about glowing rocks, mutated creatures, and other odd sights near where the Star Fall came to ground a month ago.

Meanwhile, trade wagons have suffered attacks while on the Old Highland Road south of the ARPA ruins. Concerned for the trade route, Elias Galford of the Galford Merchant’s Guild hires Richard “Rick” Van Helsing to look into the matter. Galford wants to know if it is more trouble with the Old World Sentry hound packs, or thieves.

While to the Southeast, Idris Griderstalk has asked Aonara for help with a curious find. Identify the source of a strange new plant growing along the South side of the Old Highland Road. Plants, that when cut, dissolve into a dusty smoke, before fading from view. Plants that are not connected to the “green” of Druidic influence.


Banzai_Aether Banzai_Aether

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